"From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your trust and unconditional support to make our dreams a reality."

Remy Lefebvre

To all the fishermen in their small boats, thank you for your unconditional commitment to quality and responsibility.

To all our producers of vegetables and fruits who believe in the seasons and the organic.

To Whole Ingredients for sourcing a responsible farming beef with Altair wagyu grass-fed.

To our bread lovers who are satisfied with the passion of these laddies in Starterlab and Whole Kitchen.

To Patrice Marchand and the support from all the traditional cheesemakers.

To Joselito for continuously making the best Iberico ham in the world.

And, of course, to all our wine partners for making our life more enjoyable.

Our Suppliers


Pere, who helped to create the woodfire heart of our kitchen.

Della, for assisting in giving us the ideal technology to cook and store our wines.

Kraton, Kra Sanctuary, Amandine
Richard, who supported us with beautiful handcrafted plateware and tools for our tables.

Anthony, who made our chefs elegant in the open kitchen.

Kevin Seah
who dressed our front of the house with style and contemporary vibes.

for making our water pure and more eco-friendly.

Roland Lanier
the one and only who cut the bull***t with his beautiful knives.

Common Man
Mat, who makes our coffee taste better than others.

Fern, for arranging the gorgeous smell of our home.