Remy Lefebvre

Casa Restaurant by Remy Lefebvre showcases 'real cooking' through woodfire gastronomy. A master of the woodfired grill, Remy cooks over flame using the smoke from the wood to penetrate his dishes and provide delicious nuances of flavour.

With a life filled with travel and adventure to many far-flung places, Remy has experienced a plethora of tastes and flavours. Having worked with some of the world's most renowned chefs at award-winning restaurants, he truly understand food and gastronomy. Remy's most formative years were spent as a fine-dining chef in Spain, working with epicurean masters, including Chef Beato at Restaurant Locum and Chef Tony Botella at Restaurant Reno, before embarking on his own venture, Restaurant Artkuisine in Barcelona.

However, more recent experiences in the Cayman Islands (Caribbean) and El Mero Mero in Singapore ignited his passion for cooking with a woodfired grill and inspired his concept for Casa.

Casa Restaurant by Remy Lefebvre is a restaurant concept under the umbrella of Singapore-based F&B Group, Plan B Ventures Pte Ltd, which also owns El Mero Mero, Señor Taco and La Mexicana.